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Get true regulatory insight into your chemical supply chain. With WERCSmart (Supply-chain Management And Reporting Technology), you can.

Each year, new regulations relating to safe handling, global transportation, storage, disposal, selling restrictions, as well as point of origin (i.e., conflict minerals) are appearing at a staggering rate. Coupled with nuances in global language translation requirements, maintaining chemical regulatory compliance is becoming one of the most dynamic and challenging functions in many organizations.

The challenge is not only the availability of data. The challenge is timely access to accurate data. The supply chain is growing increasingly complex, and streamlining data flow in a fast-paced, global-centric commercial trade environment is more demanding than ever.

WERCSmart was co-developed to provide major corporations such as Walmart, Target and Home Depot with quick access to the most comprehensive regulatory compliance data needed to conduct business. The innovative technology leverages a confidential and efficient third-party system that provides validated data with full integration, making it available to your key systems and allowing you to act in real time.


Key Features

  • One globally compliant data feed with real-time updates
  • A single protocol to manage compliance
  • Software as a service, with virtually no IT involvement
  • Easily integrated with procurement, SDS and labeling processes
  • A secure safe harbor for transparent communication with your supply chain

Here’s How It Works

WERCSmart aggregates independent, validated regulatory data in one reliable place, allowing users to check regulatory compliance automatically. Simply direct your suppliers to the WERCSmart web page to register their material or product and the system will generate a comprehensive report, highlighting relevant global and regional regulatory information.

By meeting the informational needs of logistics, R&D, legal and environmental health and safety with one single report, WERCSmart will make procurement far more efficient. Plus, the real-time regulatory updates allow you to instantly stop or hold stock if its status changes. Additionally, you now have a repository of critical information on all chemical-containing products and materials in your supply chain.

Establish Control

With advanced access to data beginning at procurement, organizations can now manage their entire supply chain before products arrive at the dock—switching from reactive to proactive and establishing real control over compliance issues. Avoid fines, increase operational efficiency and advance the health and safety of the environment. WERCSmart is the logical choice, giving you the full benefit of our 25 years in worldwide environmental and regulatory compliance.

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