GreenWERCS Easily assess the health and environmental characteristics of the chemicals in your formulations. GreenWERCS software quickly evaluates ingredients either by reference to your own or industry-accepted criteria.

For Manufacturers:

As an ingredient-based visual ranking system, GreenWERCS gives you the power to quickly and conscientiously identify how your product formulations impact human health and the environment. Now you can market to your customers your evidence of more sustainable and safer products. Your organization gets:

  • An immediate sales opportunity to meet the increasing demand for greener chemicals
  • A competitive advantage by enabling organizations to market greener products
  • A quick and easy method to track your sustainability efforts
  • Public relations opportunities that advance trust with key stakeholders

For Retailers and Distributors:

GreenWERCS empowers retailers to drive sustainability throughout the supply chain. By using GreenWERCS to identify and reduce chemically hazardous products, you can choose and sell goods that have a minimum impact on human and environmental health. Now you can make informed decisions on the products you merchandise whether or not they include:

  • Persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic substances (PBTs)
  • Carcinogens, mutagens or reproductive toxicants (CMRs)
  • Probable endocrine disrupters
  • Potential hazardous waste

For Government Agencies:

Increasingly, local, state and federal governments are taking a more active role in reducing the impact chemicals have on the environment. GreenWERCS provides these agencies a simple and straightforward tool to assess the chemical make up of everyday products. This transparency helps agencies to choose and promote greener products.

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